Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some New Projects

Well, I absolutely LOVE keeping myself busy, so here's a few of the things I've been working on lately in between doing the floors and wainscot:

A bench I found at a garage sale for $20.  It has a large storage space under the seat, and I added baskets for shoes underneath.  I painted it matte black and added vinyl lettering with my cricut.

I bought some n-a-s-t-y chairs at Goodwill for $80 (4 chairs and a matching table):

Painted them semi gloss black, cut new plywood bottoms, added 2" upholstery foam, and stapled on new fabric:

I made myself a craft station too!  Found this yucky SOLID OAK armoire at a garage sale for just $35:

Painted it semi gloss ultra bright white, added new aqua beaded knobs from HobLob, and painted a branch on the back:

I made a craft table from another Goodwill find.  I bought a table and chairs for $40.  Sanded the table, stained the top dark walnut, added vinyl lettering, painted it satin ultra bright white, then removed the lettering.  You can see the wood grain!

I've done lots of little projects too, but I don't have pics of those yet!

I hope you all feel inspired to go out and refurbish some treasures of your own!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our New Home

I'm so pleased to have gotten a few emails about my post a few days ago - thank you so much for letting me know you're still out there!

Here's what you asked for - PICTURES!

Our new house!!

Since I just CANNOT seem to leave anything alone, I ripped up our downstairs carpet in the office and dining room:

I soaked brown craft paper in school glue and water then laid it on the floor:

After I laid the floor I stained it with Minwax Red Mahogany:

Then sealed it with many coats of Minwax polyurethane:

I started putting up the shadow box (frame) wainscoting in these two rooms, but I pulled it down because it was a weeee bit too formal for me!  I'm now working on some board and batten wainscot in the living room (which will also go in the office and dining room later):

I've also been refurbishing and painting lots of furniture lately!  I'm ready for bed now, but I'll include some of those pics another day.  Goodnight everyone!

*Sorry for the awful pics - my camera is broken so I've had to use my phone!*


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Anyone Out There?


It's been A. Long. Time. Wondering if anyone is still out there...

I've been pretty busy this last year and decided to write just a smidge about it.

We bought a new house in July! As in everything else I buy, I got my house on clearance from the government - a beautiful, perfect, HUD! We have been here a mere five months and I've already ripped out flooring, painted, and installed wainscoting (not done yet). I've also been refinishing and reupholstering furniture since I haven't built anything from scratch in about a year.

It's been a year of change - new house, the hubs was laid off a mere TWO WEEKS after sealing the deal on our new home, and shortly after that I started working closely with the women's ministry at church. I have great plans for this new year so I'm gonna post them here in hopes I will actually DO some stuff this year! Ha!

1. Wall off my office and add French doors
2. Build a nice wall unit and window seat in said office
3. Finish painting the vaulted ceilings and add crown molding to every teensy INCH of ceiling
4. Build window seats on each side of the fireplace
5. Get my bling business off the ground
6. Thank God DAILY for each and every blessing in my life
7. Build and install a porch swing
8. Stain my new front door and hang
9. Paint the concrete on the front and back porches
10. Plant container gardens (no more giant yard for gardening. *sniffle*)
11. Add a glass tile backsplash in kitchen
12. Listen to the Lord and do the work He plans for me

Well, that's it! Let's see what I can accomplish this year. Good night everyone (or the ONLY one who might, just maybe, check on my blog once in awhile)!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Organizing Plans for the Weekend

What you see above is a  pile of my "extra" stuff in my extra room!  I've been buying alot of additonal items these last two weeks due to the tremendous sales, and then I haul it all upstairs in grocery sacks.  I dumped them all out today to see what a mess I have, and WOW!   My plan for tomorrow is to integrate all this stuff into my other "extra" boxes:

Those are 18 gallon bins that I use to store all my non-perishables such as cereals, canned foods, toiletries, medicines, etc.  I usually keep them filled, but a few had gotten a little lower than I'd like, which is why I've been working so hard to refill them.  I know it may seem excessive to some, but we have seven people in our family so I keep plenty of extra supplies so I don't ever have to pay full price!  Plus, I like to have lots on hand to donate if someone is in need.

Wish me luck - I think I need a few more boxes!!

Coca Cola Single Bottles Just $.25 Each

To those of you who can't go a single day without a Coca Cola (like MY hubby!), you can get a six pack of Coca Cola single bottles for just $1.50, or $.25 per bottle!  Kroger has the six packs on sale for 4/$10.00, and when you buy three and use the $3.00/3 from the Randalls Super Bowl coupon booklet, you'll get a great price on drinks! 


Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor FREE + Overage at Kroger

Well, I told you all I'd be at Kroger every day!  LOL  Anyhow, I found another FREE razor deal at Kroger tonight!  The Gillette ProGlide manual razor is on sale for $7.49, and there's a $4.00/1 coupon you can load to your Kroger card at  Use the $4.00/1 manufacturer coupon from the P&G insert from the first week of February and your razor will be totally FREE, plus $.49 overage!

While you're there, be sure to grab some Land O Lakes spreadable butter for $.20.  It's on sale for just $1.00, and once the $.40/1 coupon from a few weeks ago doubles, you'll pay only $.20!

Happy shopping!

Free Fries at Chick Fil A

Chick Fil A and heinz ketchup are offering free medium Chick Fil A waffle fries on Friday, March 4th from 2-4 p.m.  Simply mention you're there to try the new Heinz dip n squeeze container and you'll get FREE fries!  Yeah!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

$1.00 Off Wendy's Asiago Ranch Chicken Club Sandwich

Wendy's has released a coupon for the new asiago ranch chick club sandwich!  Here's a printable coupon for $1.00 off.


Taster's Choice Coffee for Just $.25 at Randalls!

Randalls is having a hot beverage sale this week.  Buy 3 participating items, get an instant $6 discount.  Tasters Choice has some printable coupons available for buy one get one free stick packs and $.75/1.  The 20-22 count stick packs are priced at $.99 each AFTER the buy three discount, so using the $.75 off coupon will get you coffee for just $.25!  Also, using the B1G1F coupon might get you coffee for free, since the coupon should deduct $2.99 (price before instant rebate).   I haven't tried the coupon yet, but give it a shot! 

Also, you can get Millstone coffee grounds for $3.99/bag using the $2.00/1 coupon from last Weeks paper AND the instant rebate from the beverage sale.  Lipton pyramid tea bags are also included in the beverage sale for $.99, so if you use the $.60/1 coupon from a few weeks ago they'll be $.39!


Kroger Daytona Sale Extended!

The Kroger sale I was so excited about a few days ago has been extended!  Yeah!  The best way to maximize your savings is by buying ten items, then buying another ten items using the printed $3 off coupon.  Each time you purchase ten participating items you'll receive an instant $3 discount, PLUS you'll receive a coupon for $3 off your next shopping trip.  You can only use one of these coupons per transaction, so be sure to use it to buy ONLY ten participating items.  Now, you can definitely use it to buy ANYTHING in the store, but you can keep "rolling" the coupon until you've adequetly stocked up on the sale items to fit your needs.  :o)  Have fun - I'm planning on going to Kroger every day this week!  LOL


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Groceries for Just $.68? Yes!

My Kroger shopping trip this morning was a good one: I got all you see above for just $.68! I would have gotten money BACK, but when the register showed they owed me money, I threw in some gum and a couple Cadbury's eggs. I used my coupons, plus the awesome Daytona sale I mentioned yesterday - I separated the items into two different transactions so I could use one of my $3.00 off daytona coupons on each order, further extending my savings.

I really, really like these sales!


Schick Hydro Razors FREE at Kroger

Just got back from Kroger and wanted you all to know that these Schick Hydro razors are FREE!  There's a manufacturer coupon from several weeks ago for $2.00/1, and when combined with the $4.00/1 digital coupon you load to your card at, they'll be free!  They're on sale this week for just $5.99...awesome!


Monday, February 21, 2011

$.79 Kraft Cheese at Target

Target has released a printable Kraft cheese coupon for $1.50/2, which can be paired with the $1.00/2 Kraft cheese items from the newspaper several weeks back or from the Randalls Super Bowl coupon booklet.

Kraft shredded cheese is normally priced at $2.04 at my Target, which  means after both the Target coupon and the manufacturer coupon, cheese is only $.79 each!  This is a great stock up price - I'm freezing mine!

**Just a reminder - printable manufacturer coupons at can be used anywhere.  Target store coupons can only be used at Target!**


Some Photos of Our Woodworking

I just wanted to post a few photos of what we've been building lately:

A set of twin beds

A set of bunks to match the twins above

A simple twin

A king (this was a complete bed, but the photo is just the headboard)

I started building a locker cabinet system for my laundry room back at the first of the year, but I haven't finished it yet.  :o)  I'll get to it eventually!


It's Been a Loooong Time!

Hello all - it's been a looooong time I know, but things have been pretty busy around here.  We've built lots of furniture, harvested from our garden, and have just been busy with the kids.  I told hubby I was ready to start posting a few things again, so here goes!

The sale at Kroger this week is AWESOME!  This sale is buy 10 participating items, get $3 off instantly and a $3 off coupon for next time.  My top deals are:

Totinos pizzas
$.69 each after the instant deal (deducts $.30 from each item), buy three and use the $.50/3 coupon which will double OR the $1.00/3 printable coupon.  Final price - just $.36 each! 

Totinos pizza rolls
$.95 each after the instant deal, use the $.35/1 coupon that will triple, making these FREE!

Hefty one zip baggies
$1.19 each after instand deal, use the $1.00/1 coupon from the Randalls coupon booklet (available at Super Bowl time in Randalls stores) OR the $1.00/2 to get them for as low as $.19 each! 

Chef Boyardee canned pastas
$.56 each after instant deal, use with the $.35/3 coupon which will triple, making these just $.21 each!

Tornados frozen items
$1.69 each after instant deal, use with $1.00/1 coupon making these just $.69 each!

You can use your $3 off coupon that will print for EVERY 10 items you buy to turn around and buy more of these great deals, but just keep in mind that you can only use ONE per order.  So, make sure to use the $3 coupons to buy just ten items, then do another transaction if you have more items to buy.

There are MANY more great deals included in this sale at Kroger, but I just wanted to mention a few stand-out deals!

**When these sales happen (buy 10 items, get an instant discount), they usually run for two weeks, but I'm not positive!**

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